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Traveling While Native | Writer
Published by How Not to Travel Like a Basic Bitch


How to Honor Native People While Traveling

My travels have taken me all around the world and in all of the places I have been there is one predictable thing that happens.

I am asked, “What kind of name is that?”

It seems simple enough but the question sends a sigh through my body as I begin to answer Native, Indigenous, Native American, or as a last resort Indian. I try to be tribally specific but most people go blank or think I’m talking about a country, and in someways, I am. Once I have found the term for my identity that they understand, their responses are one of the following: . . . (click below to continue reading)

Hiking the Nüümü Poyo | Writer
Published by Project 562

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Hiking the Nüümü Poyo: An Act of Love by Indigenous Women

They say when you’re lost you should come home
Come home to your mother’s heartbeat
Come home to your father’s days
Come home from the moon to remember how you’re made

This is what Indigenous Women Hike founder, Jolie Varela, did when she came home and she brought other women with her. Somewhere during three months of cold winter nights and protecting water by day at Standing Rock, the idea to renew her relationship with her own ancestral territory began to take shape. She returned home to Payahuunadü in California and committed to healing herself through the original medicine— the land. . .(click below to continue reading)