When Did you Forget | Poet | Published by Indigenous Goddess Gang Magazine


When Did You Forget?

When did you forget 

that you can't live 

without the earth

When did you forget

that you will suffocate

without trees


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Being | Poet | Published by Bastard Fanzine



The dirt between my toes was soft as I dug my feet into the earth floor
breathing into the skin beneath my mother’s breast to bare the sweat rock heat

It was here I learned to be

Against the opposite of concrete, underneath her shirt, cheek against the sweat
dripping down the skin of the woman who bore me
from a long line of women who dodged bullets for me
from a blood line that took long walks across mesas and the valleys for me
from the seeds of men who shed flesh in defense of me

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"When did you forget?" | Poet | Produced by CRS CRL | Video by Dave Wilson